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Originally Posted by chator View Post
I discovered an interesting passage in Nimoy's I AM SPOCK, it reads:

"Spock's "hypnotic" looks strongly affects Earth females and he goes to great pains too avoid too much contact with them. There is a back story on this-many years ago when Mr. Spock first joined the service, he was careless on this score, perhaps even enjoyed this strange ability over Earth women. But it quickly created both personal and professional troubles."

This is taken from a May 1966 memo to Nimoy by Roddenberry on the Spock character, unofficial. But it seems to leave open the opportunity for a backstory involving Spock and a romantic relationship with an Earth female he had a professional relationship. But no specific mention of Uhura, and if a relationship between the two had been in the characters' backstory, it definately would have made itself felt in the early episodes of TOS.
That is an extremely interesting quote. I have heard before about the character notes about Spock's "hypnotic" influence over women (perhaps referenced in the song Uhura sings to tease Spock in "Charlie X"), but not about the backstory involving his past indiscretion.

I agree that it is unlikely that Uhura and Spock were meant to have had an affair in the prime timeline. In scenes in TOS, I see people in a professionl/friendly relationship with an UST that never went anywhere, rather than former lovers. But quotes like that certainly lend credibility to a possibility of such a storyline in the alternate timeline.
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