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Originally Posted by Drakonnen View Post
lol, the guy with over 20,000 posts on the Star Trek forum is asking me if it was important to warrant a few posts?
hey, hey, HEY!! Z is the man! It took a very long time to hit that thread count. Lucky for Z his job allows him the ability to be in front of the computer, with access to this forum no less!

Originally Posted by Drakonnen View Post
No, in the grand scheme of things it isn't, but it is annoying since I looked for it and submitted and answer and we haven't at least hear the correct one yet.
I can see how that would be darn annoying. It shouldn't take that long, but my guess is they are waiting for the movie to run a few more weeks and for more entries to be had before making an annoucement. Were there any prizes involved, you know... if you got it correct you are entered into a drawing or something?
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