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Originally Posted by Samuel View Post
Nope Nope Nope. There already are some ideas floating around about Uhura/Spock/Kirk. Now you want to add a fourth? Its getting pretty crowded dont you think? Also, I'm not sure a love square works well except in comedies.
Uhura/Spock/Chapel would be bad. Spock/Uhura/Kirk would be just terrible. I hope that the writers are not listening to such nonsense. The stupidest thing of all is that even those who are talking about some kind of triangle involving Kirk, don't really sound like they would want it, but they claim that it is "obvious that this is being set up", which is not true at all as far as I can see. I guess people are just too used to lame Hollywood cliches, that they just can't accept it when it doesn't happen. So they think, OK, if this movie did not go the sucky Hollywood route, the next one must? I'm even starting to warm up to the idea of bringing back Rand (though I'd much rather have Dr Carol Marcus), if only it would shut up all those stupid talk about possible future Kirk/Uhura.

If they bring back Chapel, I just hope that they don't focus on her crush on Spock this time... a subtle hint at her attraction to him would be OK, but a full fledged plot - please no. There is nothing to be gained there. (And hey, as already mentioned, maybe she is happy with Roger...) They could focus more on her as a nurse and her friendship with McCoy - Chapel's strongest moment as a character, IMO, was in For the World is Hollow when she was determined and protective of him.

They have introduced the Spock/Uhura storyline, and now is the great opportunity to deal with it in a mature way, there are great possibilities of exploring issues of interspecies relationships (i.e. interracial relationships), cultural differences, the obstacles they could face because of prejudice, as well as Spock's issues with logic vs emotion, human vs Vulcan traditions, etc. There are lots of opportunities there to use the relationship for both funny and moving moments, not to mention to explore issues of racism, cross-cultural interaction etc. The last thing anyone needs is some lame Dawson's Creek-style (or Lost-style ) love triangle/polygon/whatever - the only thing that could accomplish is destroy the characters and make them annoying, pathetic and unsympathetic, and make everyone sick and bored of the new Star Trek.

BTW, wait, Uhura/Spock/Kirk... that should be about Uhura and Kirk both vying for Spock's affection, right?
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