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Originally Posted by Botany Bay View Post
The Temporal Cold War was a terrible idea to begin with. I hated it all the way. But the Xindi story was worse for simple rerasons:

First the whole story changed the impression Archer made on me. In the beginning he was merely the guy from Quantum Leap doing the Captain for me and I hoped his character would develop. But then came the Xindi and out of a sudden Archer talks about WMDs and how another 9/11 must be prevented and... well... now he was the guy from Quantum Leap doing George W. Bush. Stupid plus stupid often equals idiocy.

Second, I just got annoyed by all this Xindi Mafia Meetings. I allways expected one of them to raise his small finger to his mouth and laugh like moh ha ha ha ha!
So no Trek actor should have had a previous leading role in another series.
Concerning 9/11 and the difference between Bush and Archer: (no disrespect intended, BB, but did you actually watch the third season?)
Originally Posted by horatio View Post
AA, I understand that you dislike the depiction of war in Trek. Concerning 9/11, the difference is that Archer and his crew talked to the reasonable Xindi and made peace with them.
Originally Posted by MrQ1701 View Post
Did we watch the same show? I never saw a war on ENT. I did see the NX-01 seek out the species that attacked Earth in an attempt to stop another, but more deadly, attack. I then saw this "seek and destroy" mission turn into a successful first contact, at least with half the Xindi species.

I agree the attack on Earth was an obvious metaphor for the 9/11 attack, but how did the story arc end? You saw Archer actually TALK to and educate the "enemy". In the end those same "enemies" HELPED stop the attack. What war are you talking about?
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