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Here we go with the exaggerations yet again.

Originally Posted by chator View Post
By now most of us have seen Zachary Quinto's portrayal of the Spock character in the new Star Trek Movie. While I loved Quinto as a Vulcan (come to think of it, he would make a good-lookin Romulan as well), i couldn't help but feel the performance was off, that is, not in line with the portrayal of Spock by Nimoy, which this character is supposed to be, at an earlier stage. Off in terms of how this Vulcan copes with both sex and violence, compared with Nimoy's incarnation of the character. Can we simply ride this off as the result of the intense pubertal urges of a younger Vulcan? Or the uncontrollable breakdown of a character who has just lost both his mother and homeworld? Or even hypothesize that this Spock isn't the same Spock that will develop into the character we know and love from TOS? Yes, i know Nimoy's Spock has demonstrated violence in TOS episodes such as "Amok Time", where he battles and nearly kills Kirk. And Nimoy's Spock has also displayed emotion in episodes like "This side of Paradise," and "The Naked Time," but these were unusual circumstances that provoked the revelation of these "hidden" emotions. Quinto's Spock embraces his emotions, that is the difference.
The unusual circumstances were in this movie as well. Spock does not "embrace his emotions". What movie were you watching? No, I'm not trying to be an a-hole or flame you, I really gotta know. Because the Vulcan discipline towards a successful all logic/no emotion way of life is quite clear in this movie. The circumstances where Spock ends up going towards the emotional side are also quite clear. Old Spock told Kirk to bring out his emotional side on purpose (a tactic not new to Trek since this very thing happens quite a few times in TOS).

As a boy Vulcan the outburst was brought on by other immature boy Vulcans. Yes, I said "immature boy Vulcans". This is something Trekkers have to come to terms with. It's like having that favorite professor of yours and somehow coming to realize something: that professor was once an immature child.

Let's get something straight: Vulcans are not androids. Remember the scene in "Reunification" when Spock and Data converse? Spock comments that Data's personality is what Vulcans enviously try to attain. Vulcans are not emotionless!

They only try to be, to live a life governed by logic.

Originally Posted by chator View Post
I realize Nimoy has given his full support to this film, Quinto's Spock included. And some may argue, if it's good enough for Nimoy, it's good enough for me. But i can't help but wonder if we are losing the "real" Spock.
Curious. Who is the "real" Spock?

BTW: I feel it important to point out that Spock is half human. You'll say: Duh, I know this. Okay, Spock's father is Vulcan, Spock's mother is human. You'll say: I'm not an idiot. Okay, now we go down a new road of psychology here. "Like father like son" comes to mind, but not only that. The Freudian psychology that when men try to find a mate, they are often drawn towards women that resemble their mother in some way. See where I'm going with this? You'll say:

And another thing. It's a bit hilarious how "conservative" a lot of Trekkers act when it comes to sexuality being portrayed in Star Trek. It's like there's some assumption that mates, especially Vulcan mates, sleep in separate beds like in the old black white movies. I'm sorry, not movies, picture shows. Talkies. Come on, people. Sex is real. Let's get over the birds and bees talk here. The Vulcan mating is probably not unlike human mating, otherwise Sarek would not have been obliged to mate with Amanda. So... I think it's safe to say our pointed ear green blooded individuals know a thing or two about the horizontal grind. Okay?
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