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Originally Posted by Zardoz View Post
Star Trek 12-The Search For Kirk's Pants
Spock: "Captain, dont you feel it is a bit... drafty?"
Kirk: "Not at all Spock, I am quite comfortable."
Spock: "But havent you noticed all those stares at you?"
Kirk: "Of course. They are admiring my dashingly handsome good looks."
Spock: "Well sir actually you look.... sorry nevermind. Are you sure it isnt because of something else?"
Kirk: "What else could it be? Oh the uniform of course. Its a nice one, isnt it? Gold suits me well."
Spock: "Our new uniforms are nice arent they. But if I may... in this case you are out of uniform."
Kirk: What do you mean? Its the right shirt color and right rank insignia."
Spock: "Captain.... look down."
Kirk: "Alright I will look dow...... sh*t, where are my pants?"
Spock: "Sulu tells me you have been walking around without them for a couple of hours."
Kirk: "Uh.. yea ok. But where did they go? Last time I took them off was in......... Uhura! Contact cadet Barbie and tell her to meet me in her quarters."
Spock: "Captain, cant you get in yourself?"
Kirk: "Sure I can get in the door but I need the key to unlock the trunk.
Spock: "The trunk, captain?"
Kirk: "Dont ask. Spock you have the bridge."
Spock (to Uhura): "The way hes going I will be captain in 3 months, tops."
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