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Originally Posted by kevin View Post
And it's really in and of itself no worse than any other Trek film or better - they can all be picked apart for mistakes, inconsistencies, disappointing acting, writing, effects, etc.
I suppose when you compare movies based on these elements it is no worse than the other movies, but these things aren't really things I criticize unless it is painfully obvious. I LIKED Nemesis and it is one of the Trek movies I hear the most complaints about. I will admit the first half is rather slow moving and a bit boring, even for a Trekker such as myself. But I have never really complained about the writing, acting, or effects. Okay, the writing for the one with Spocks brother was kind of silly, but the effects have always just reflected budget and the times in which it was made. I even appreciate TOS effects and they are rather hokie.

I am realizing the many, many unnecessary changes to the Trek universe is what has me bothered quite a bit. The alternate universe is another thing. It was like saying "here is the story of how the characters you love came to be together on the ship you love, but... it really isn't, but that's okay because now we can tell new stories never told before even though this chapter of trek "history" had plenty of room for more stories" It's like they admit prequels are problematic and came up with a slick and disappointing way around it.
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