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Default Xindi Story Arc-Did it hurt or help ENTERPRISE?

There are different opinions among ENTERPRISE fans on whether the Xindi story arc helped or hurt the show.
I believe it hurt the show and put ENTERPRISE on the road that led to its cancellation. I know from personal experience that it was the Xindi story arc that caused me to lose interest in the show. Why? Because ENTERPRISE was originally intended to be about the beginnings of intergalactic space exploration and the formation of the Federation. The Xindi story arc moved the show in a direction other than that. Also, i felt the Xindi premise was shaky at best, and executed poorly. I also thought the show was making an indirect political show of support for Bush's decision to invade Iraq in search of WMDs by having Archer enter the "expanse" in search of the weapon the Xindi were developing to attack Earth again with.
Other fans of ENTERPRISE, however, believe the Xindi story arc was in line with ENTERPRISE's mission of exploring the unknown, and the temporal cold war conflict. Also that it hightened the dramatic appeal of the show, that there were still plenty of stand-alone episodes, that the show wasn't simply trying to create political support for America's mission abroad, but was tapping into something that could increase viewership and make the show seem more relevant. What do u think?

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