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I have to agree with the majority of responders here and say that destroying Earth would probably lose the decidedly-Earth-centric target audience of the movie.

The premise of Star Trek is that we get past all of our stupidity (okay, at least most of it) and work together to create a better universe. Destroying Earth would distract from that goal, especially since Earth is the heart of the Federation.

I would even go so far as to say Star Fleet would be so crippled that it would no longer be a viable organization and, without the "human glue" that holds the member worlds of the Federation together, I think the organization would come apart amid the squabbling between old rivals. (Without Earth to hold them back, the Andorians would have a field day

Think about it: it was Archer and Earth that first started to get the disparate and uncooperative Vulcans, Andorians and Tellarites to work together in the mid-2150s. Earth quickly became the political center of the fledgling Federation in the 2160s with the establishment of Star Fleet Headquarters in San Francisco and, presumably, the other Federation offices on Earth.

Humans often seemed to be the "middle ground" between the extremes of the other founding members' cultures (similar, in a way, to the American-centric perception that the presence of the United States in NATO was what held together groups like the Greeks and Turks, British and French...not saying that was the truth, but the perception from some points of view). The loss of that anchor would effectively kill the body (perhaps similar to how the League of Nations, minus the "keystone" of the United States, was a completely skewed body that chose punishment over peaceful reconciliation and ultimately led to WWII).

No, the Federation, as presented in Star Trek, could not survive without Earth. And, without the Federation, Star Trek would be just another dystopic future where humans are just trying to survive after a disaster.

I prefer to keep my Star Trek optimistic, thank you.
with the depleted Vulcans.)
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