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Originally Posted by That Metal Beastie View Post
It was both intentional and not. The emotions Spock displayed early on were certainly written and performed that way intentionally. And yes, it was decided a little later he showed no emotions because Vulcans had no emotions. Then later it was decided that Spock, being half human, did have emotions but with rigid Vulcan control surpressed and controlled them.

It was not that Nimoy didn't have a handle on the character but that the creators- producers, writers and Nimoy- were still in the process of developing and nailing down the character of Mr. Spock.

That all was 'taken as canon' because that's how was canon developed and established. It was determined decades ago that 'if it was on the screen, it was canon'. And that's been (for the most part) true for these decades. And when something presented on screen seemed to contradict canon, explainations for these apparent canon violations were contrived. And were often, if not usually, satisfying. And THAT my friend has been the pleasure and pain of Trek canon.

What JJ, Orci and Kurtzman did was look at the early 'emotional', developing Spock performances and gave them a canonical(?) explaination. Brilliant and satisfying, IMO.
But they (JJ, Orci, Kurtzman) cited and used canon in the creation of this story. TNG established the multiple alternate universes theroy more than one, and subsequent Trek shows backed it up. So this laternate universe is supported by canon ideas.
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