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Originally Posted by Samuel View Post
The 'cheaper' thing is used quite alot. But if money is the argument why not make them a little bit cheaper to get more people to go now? Decide on a good balance so the gain in volume will outweigh the drop in individual prices. To get a large number of new audience members who dont go because of prices (alot more than the smaller number of pirates) there must be an incentive. You dont tell them "pay full price now and maybe we will lower prices later'. Thats a very bad way to try and expand a market.

Besides, if piracy was cut in half how many people think there would be a significant drop in prices? I certainly dont trust them to do it.
But as I said, the theares are just reflecting the high prices they pay for the rental of print(s) the need. They have to pass it onto us. The studios can (via the distributors) can almost literally charage any rental price they want on print(s) of popular, or projected to be popular films.

Also, we have someone at the studios to blame for leaking out DVD screeners (meant for cast and crew) and prirating them.
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