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Chator, I feel your pain and certainly share some of your concerns.

First, it was the writer's decision, not Quinto's, to create the relationship between Spock and Uhura. Quinto took the words on the page and gave them life.

Clearly TOS Spock never had an affair with Uhura. The only change from that timeline so early in his life was the destruction of the Kelvin. In some way TOS Kirk's relationship with Spock and/or Uhura prevented a Spock/Uhura hook up. Perhaps Kirk was top dog at the academy and Uhura took him up on his offer. Perhaps Kirk was her supervisor, not Spock. Maybe Spock never even met Uhura until later on in the tale. Ironically, other than losing Vulcan, Spock is actually happier in this time line.

My dad used to say you never become an adult until your parents pass away. I think Vulcan's destruction will limit Spock's need to constantly prove himself to be Vulcan. It will be interesting.... and different. In some ways better but in some ways worse. We'll see.
Happiness, at least, Sir.
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