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Originally Posted by chator View Post
So, she's not even a secondary character? She was like an extra? WTF? It was nurse Chapel that was supposed to have the hots for Spock, was we see in "The Naked Time" episode of TOS. But now he's hooking up with Uhura. This Alternate Reality screws Chapel up big time.
Originally Posted by JSnyder4 View Post
Chapel always was and will be a third tier character at best.
She only gained importance in the series because Roddenberry was sleeping with Majel while cheating on his wife before finally divorcing her after a few years of that. He had already moved on from Nichelle Nichols, but it did get her a placement on the show.

Roddenberry tried to push Majel's studio frowned-upon stardom up a notch by making her more of a focus, and the series suffered for it.

But, it was the bosses' biatch so as an actor you played ball.

If we're going to talk about TOS as a measure of what should happen in the alternate universe, Uhura flirting with Spock pre-dated Chapel telling him that she loved him... "Mantrap" and "Charlie X" aired before "The Naked Time" (and "Mantrap" was produced before it, too).

Personally, I thought Spock and Uhura always had much more interesting chemistry, but Majel = current girlfriend, WHITE... Nichelle = ex-girlfiend, BLACK... guess which pairing would get more focus in the subsequent episodes, and which would be all but dropped, except in deleted scenes and rare subtle hints? Yeah.

So sorry if I am not going to cry over Chapel's character being 'screwed' by the new timeline: what goes around, comes around.
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