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Originally Posted by chator View Post

I realize Nimoy has given his full support to this film, Quinto's Spock included. And some may argue, if it's good enough for Nimoy, it's good enough for me. But i can't help but wonder if we are losing the "real" Spock.
May I quote Nimoy as a response?

Q: Do you see some of your performance in Zachary's performance? Or is it a different kind of interpretation of the same character?

Nimoy: Well, you know, it's the same character in name, but you must remember that the Spock that he's playing is a Spock that existed before the Spock that I played. He was younger, not quite so experienced, and therefore somewhat different. He's the Spock that arrives off of his home planet of Vulcan and goes to the Federation for the first time. And that's ... a somewhat different character than what you saw me play in the Star Trek original series. By the time we get into the series, my Spock was a little bit more mature, a little bit different...

Q: One of the things that struck me about Zach's performance was that he is more volatile a character than we were used to seeing.

Nimoy: Well, that's interesting, that's interesting. I think you may be right, and I think that points to what I said before: that it hasn't quite arrived as the Spock that I was playing in the original series. He's younger than that, and not quite as seasoned.

STAR TREK Press Conference: Quinto, Nimoy, Saldana, Urban and Greenwood
Written by Christina Radish
Monday, 27 April 2009


Q: Leonard, did you give any input on the development of the Spock character?

Leonard: I had no input on the writing of the character or the writing of the script. None. My first meeting with Mr. Abrams, and Orci and Kurtzman, was all about whether I would be interested, based on their feelings about Star Trek and the Spock character, and I was interested enough that I said I would read the script, when it was ready. And, I read the script and I agreed to do the film.

Q: Having played Spock for years, did you give Zach any tips about playing Spock?

Leonard: Zach made some choices that I thought were wonderful surprises to me, in playing the Spock that he played in this film. We did not talk about specifics, like “Do this. Don’t do that.” We had very general conversations about the philosophy and psychology of the character, the philosophy of Star Trek and the fans’ reactions to various aspects of Star Trek, but there was no specific instruction. It didn’t need that, and it didn’t call for that. But, watching him in the film, I’m very proud of what he did. I loved the idea that he is doing the character, and that he did it so well. And, I think we have book-ended the character. He has created a Spock that comes before the Spock that I portrayed in the series, and I’m playing a Spock that comes much, much later and us much more resolved, and is much closer to who I actually am today. So, I think it works extremely well, and I admire his talent.

Q: What was your favorite discovery, in watching young Spock? What did you think about the relationship between Spock and Uhura?

Leonard: Zachary’s choices in his performance often surprised me, in a very positive way. I often thought, “I would never have thought to do that, and I think that’s a wonderful idea!” Frankly, I was extremely jealous of his scenes with Zoe Saldana and I think it’s totally unfair that I never got to do that. I will never forgive the writers and the director, for having put me in this position, to have to be watching that, rather than participating. Let me take the opportunity to say that everybody in this cast are very, very talented and intelligent people. They found their own way to bring that talent and intelligence to this movie, and I think it shows. When Karl Urban introduced himself as Leonard McCoy and shook hands with Chris Pine, I burst into tears. That performance of his, as Doctor McCoy, is so moving, so touching and so powerful that I think DeForest Kelley would be smiling, and maybe in tears as well. And, Zachary and Zoe are wonderful together. It’s such a passionate and compassionate performance by Zoe that I was just so pleased to be a part of this movie, with all of these good people.
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