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Originally Posted by Samuel View Post
And so if you are the Klingons, you send a very risky mission that will certainly cause the feds to stop at nothing from destroying you. You used Pearl Harbor. Part of the decision used in favor by the Japanese military leadership to attack was because they thought they could destroy the US ability to respond in the short term (battleships and especially carriers) and a negotiated peace would be reached before they could. Also it was an isolated island... not the mainland with heavier defenses. Oceans aside, imagine if they had leveled the White House and congress, probably with the president in it. As I am sure the Fed president and council would be on Earth.

Of course it only enraged a nation into total war and didnt work out too well for the Japanese. You mentioned about Romulans getting involved. Just like Germany did and the war didnt work out so well for them either. So first, would the feds have only a small fleet or a reasonably sized one with moderate striking power... keeping in mind that Enterprise could level a planets surface by itself. If so, this attack would do nothing about the ability for a counter strike. So the question becomes would the Klingons think a devastating war is worth the risk. They are warriors but not idiots.

Anyways... things like this are interesting scenarios to consider. Besides, Roddenberry always tried to compare a Fed-Klingon war to a US-Soviet one. Not US-Japan. He was right.
I like your comments, but consider this:

The Klingons are not like the Japanese: The Klingons are probably more powerful, compared to the Federation, than the Japanese were compared to the United States. You mentioned that the Japanese decided to bomb Pearl Harbor because it's an island; consider, however, that Japan itself was an island. Its resources were in no way comparable to that of the United States. Its economy was much smaller than America's, and it was much more dependent on foreign resources. In fact, the United States and Great Britain had imposed terms on Japan requiring it to keep a navy much smaller than that of either of them.

Further, in my story, the Klingons are acting in concert with the Romulans to strike against the Federation at its central point. This would be as if the Japanese and the Germans (i.e., two of the three Axis powers) had fought, at least initially, not the Allies, but basically the United States alone. As to why this would be so, please see the following.

In World War II, the Germans fought a two-front war. The Western front was a cakewalk compared to their ill-advised advance against the Soviets. Further, the Germans had no particular dog in the Pacific fight.

The scenario now, with Vulcan gone, would be as if Great Britain had been obliterated from the face of the Earth in 1938 and, having easily conquered France and the rest of continental Europe, the Germans had decided not to advance against the Soviets based on treaty. The Germans, playing the role of the Romulans, would have both manipulated the Japanese into a full-scale war and then reinforced the Japanese by sending their own ships to the Pacific. The full industrial might of Germany plus Nazified Europe, plus the Japanese Empire, would be brought forth against the United States. (Remember that the U.K., in this scenario, no longer exists.)

While the Federation still has the Andorians, Tellarites, and others, they do not and cannot logically compensate for the loss of the Vulcans, in that there is a net loss to Federation resources. In our historical analogy, the U.S. would still have Canada, Australia, the Republic of China, and others, but these, likewise, would not compensate for the loss of the U.K.

Since the Klingons are already a warlike race used to conquest, they would have a very good chance, given the new configuration of power, to catch the Federation at its weakest -- before it has had a chance to regroup -- and do what it might not be able to do in the future.

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