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If I'm
Not mistaken that it's a since vessele, yes a survey vessel, but seeing as it's named after a scientiest does that mean were going to seen names like the uss Hawkings, the Einstien,the Goddard, Divinci, and newton? Sticking to a theme that the first ship of the class designates the name of following like ships, Ie: the subs of the attack class : los angles class boats are named after us cities, carries are named after presidents and historic naval officers?

Thinking more of it, the ships of constitution class ships don't exactly mesh. Same with the execlsior class and as well with many other classes. Recently with the Luna class ships those are named after moons. Titian, Io, Luna probably now Pluto. Maybe with the nebula class ships. Is phoneix a name of a nebula? Doubt there was a use mutara or use crab. Blah WTF, ship names per class in trek don't mesh. LOL I'm going to bed. Someone correct me though if Im wrong.
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