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Originally Posted by MOS95B View Post
So long as it's better than the TNG Tech Manual. Not that it was Gawd Awful, but the TOS Manual actually had a "tech feel" to it. Plus it had the ships of the fleet, not just details of the Enterprise.

Aww, who am I kidding, when it comes out, I'll buy it. I may not like it, but I'll buy it....
To a certain extent I am kind of curious about this.
Especially your point about including other ships (ones we've seen).
Don't care about specifics (please no lists of ship names! or any of that crap), but some nice views and maybe some artwork would be neat. Sort of a coffee table book and art book rolled into one.

As for the "tech feel", bleh. I'd rather they stayed away from that minutiae stuff completely.

Someone did make some models of the other ship types that are really interesting. I'm posting some of the better angles.

And the Kelvin:
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