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If the Klingons got Nero, the crew AND the ship and lost them.... It would be incredibly incompetent of them. Remember that Nero's crew are not even the Romulan Military. As I have said elsewhere, I can see Nero using the captured Kelvin shuttle to do a reconnaisance and get his bearings and while doing so get captured by the Klingons and his crew having to repair their ship, then find their captain and rescue him...

But any competant Klingon commander that could capture the whole bag of them would likely shoot all but a few officers who would spend much time in the brain sifter. There would be two hundred armed Klingon Warriors along with the technicians ripping Naranda apart, there would be a dozen cobalt bombs installed ready to blow the ship to bits if it were in danger of falling out of Klingon hands, and the prisoners would NEVER be allowed near their ship again. Near as in even in the same system.

Nero getting captured and then eventually freed by his crew is plausible.

Nero, the ship, and the crew getting captured and THEN escaping requires a level of incompetance that would simply be unbelievable from the Klingons.
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