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I've been told that in a deleted scene the Narada damaged after it was rammed by the Kelvin. Klingons captured the ship. 25 years later, Nero escaped from imprisonment, reclaimed the Narada, took out 47 Klingon warbirds.

In addition, I guess some of the screen writers stated that some of the observed advancements in Federation tech was based on the scans the Kelvin had made of the Narada, and sent back to Star Fleet (via the shuttles).

In addition, back ground states the Narada was build with a mix of salvaged Borg crafts by the 24th century Romulans. So imagine the advancements the Klingon have made after 25 years of reverse engineering, and not just scans.

You can argue the above is canon or not, but it is what the screen writers stated and will be available on the DVD deleted sceens. I'm inclined to believe Spock Prime will share, as who knows what the Klingons learned from the Narada after 25 years.

IMO, the question of if Spock should or would share information is closed. He will or the weakened Federation does not have a chance.

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