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Originally Posted by trekie View Post
Well I will tell you what I Know:

Question 1: No the first Mutan in the Marvel Universe in Subnamor (called the first mutan by marvel)But is should be Apocalypse.
Question 2: No they are not brothers in the comic
Question 3: I have no idea
Question 4: They age very slowly (eventally he dies in the comics)
Question 5:Stryker did not know. In the books the Adimantium process was the one that made him forget who he was
Question 6:Victor has nothing to do with Logan's childhood.
thanks for the info.
in regards to Question 5 - in the movie an old scientist gives Stryker a gun and Adimantium bullets saying its the only thing that can kill Logan now.
near the end a young scientist tells Stryker that even Adimantium bullets can't kill him. Stryker agrees but says out of the blue that Logan will never regain his memories if shot in the head.
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