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Thousands of scientists of many nationalities have worked for their entire professional lives painstakingly and honestly gathering evidence. What's their reward for all this work?

People on internet forums deny that there's any evidence.
Pretty galling for people who have spent their whole lives studying and collecting evidence to be called nutcases or apologists for the environmental big business (whatever that is) . It's pretty galling to have their work denied by people who know nothing about the subject.

There is mountains of fossil evidence supporting the theory of evolution. No problem! We'll just say that there aren't any fossils which show this even though museums are full of them.

DNA evidence? We'll just say the opposite!

There's mountains of evidence about man made climate change. No problem, we'll just question the integrity of the scientists and concerned private citizens. We'll say that there's no evidence, it'll be our word against theirs because no-one will check.

"Smoking isn't bad for you, there's no evidence". It goes on and on. This ignorant approach works for every subject. It allows unscrupulous companies to keep polluting / selling cigarettes, for a bit longer until the public eventually gets wise. The problem with this one is that there will be a huge death toll because it will be too late by the time Mr Internet looks out of his stupid window and sees a problem.

If people think our governments won't let anything bad happen, just remember they cheerfully let the "innovations" in the derivatives markets drive our economies off a cliff.

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