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You dont work for MPAA do you? Your post reads like one of the usual boilerplate form-letter arguments. Cut/paste the words Star Trek to any other movie and it is exactly the same. I dont like the 'boo-hoo' arguments about money either because Hollywood still makes a truly obscene amount of money even with piracy and a very bad economy. And I must say... all this piracy didnt stop them from spending $200 million on a poorly written Terminator movie, and it doesnt include the money it cost to promote it. Also, there are places all over the internet to report piracy so I have no idea where that one is coming from.

So... stop piracy yes. But dont use lost money that exists only on paper as a sympathy card when you are awash in it. Especially these days when more people have a distrust of big money. That said, I will change my tune about the money 180 degrees the moment one of the big studios might possibly go bankrupt.

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