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Originally Posted by Big D View Post
30 is not old I'm 25, I guess it could be said that the last couple of years have represented a quarter-life crisis... But I weather it the way I weather most things: by remembering that millions of other people have been through exactly the same and coped with it just fine, which means I can too
Wise words kiddo The youth-oriented mindset that we're still suffering from blossomed in the 60's (or at least the modern version of it). The inevitable irony of it is that the kids that touted, flaunted and believed in the superiority of youth are all now senior citizens. They who chanted the counter-culture mantrum "Don't trust anyone over 30!" in the sixties are now in their sixties...or dead. Ironic and chuckle-worthy.

There was a time when age was equated with wisdom and the aged and wisened venerated. I imagine there're still places where this is still the case. And no doubt you can find (pockets of) people and certainly indiviual for whom this is true still. But the joke on anyone who mistakenly believes it is better to be younger than older is she or he is setting themselves up for future dissatisfaction with themself, unless they wise up along the way.

I've never understood ageism just like I've never understood racism. I don't see that there's anything wrong with being any race or any age. Around the age of 25 I started noticing that I had as many friends who older than me as who were younger. That's still the case. One result of (and perhaps reason for) that is folks have all my adult life had difficulty guessing my age; when in my early twenties they thought I was older and these days people tend to think I'm ten to fifteen years younger than I actually am. These days I use the Woody Allen joke- "I seem younger because of my youthful good looks and my boyish charm!" Believe me, its a joke!

Someone said "Youth is wasted on the young." And when my younger friends and co-workers rib me about my age (52) I say "I'm exactly the right age for someone who was born when I was." Some some scratch or shake their heads wondering about 'crazy ole Nate', and some others get it....sooner or later.

It's all good. Look, don't worry about getting older jtrek. It's better than the alternative.
'A screaming comes across the sky. It has happened before, but there is nothing to compare it to now.'

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