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Default Pirate Latitudes

Okay, here's what I'm looking forward to in this new book. We're not going to get "Pirates of the Carribean" here.

We're most likely going to get something along the lines of "Eaters of the Dead" and "The Great Train Robbery". What made those books great was the way Crichton presented them with a huge sense of authenticity. Both those books were pretty loosely based on original material (there really was a great train robbery in 1855, and Ahmad ibn Fadlan was a real historical figure), but the way Crichton tells it, you'd think you were reading a textbook (in a good way of course, still full of suspense and good storytelling).

That's what I'm expecting with this new Pirate novel. Something that's presented with a pure sense of authenticity, even told in an old style writing like Eaters was. Now that'd be cool. It'd be like a journal written by a deckhand or something. Anyway, I won't get my hopes up on specifics like that, but authenticity is something I'll be expecting with a story like this from Crichton.

We'll see come November.
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