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Originally Posted by Livingston View Post
Sphere, Jurassic, Congo, Eaters of the Dead, Lost World, fantastic books, such poor film adaptations, (except for Jurassic) There are few really good movie adaptations of his work out there which is surprising because so many of his books would make fantastic movies, unfortunately, many of those books have already been made into movies and are pretty bad.
13th Warrior is probably the best film adaptation of one of his books and it's a pretty good movie too. There were a lot of differences but it was closer to the book than any of his others. Disclosure was pretty close and it was okay. Rising Sun, it was spot on until it turned into martial arts movie at the end for some reason.

Originally Posted by Livingston View Post
I have Prey on the shelf, was going to start reading that one soon. Anyone out there, read it? Like it?
It's pretty good. Told in first person method. It's Crichton's way of a prequel to all the "machine takeover" scenerios. Unlike other man vs. machine stories, this one starts at the microscopic level.

A lot of people compare it to "Andromeda Strain" in terms of the plot development. And yeah I guess I can see that, but Prey is creepy.

I really hope they turn this one into a movie.
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