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Originally Posted by MrQ1701 View Post
Imagine a steak house that draws national attention because of it's great T-Bone steaks (to use your example). Surely there are other restaurants around that serve different food, and it's great to visit them every now and then. Now imagine the steakhouse STOPS selling it's most cherished T-Bone because it wants to attract a different audience. Hey, aren't there places that are popular because of the giant steaks? Kind of the same thing.
Ah, now see you made an assumption. And a bad one. You said "they stopped". No, there are pleanty (in fact every one that I've been to) steakhouses that also sell hamburgers and french fry meals. Essentially what we got with this movie was something different on the menu. If we go with your assumption that "they stopped" selling the other quality stuff, then I have to ask you, where you heard this. Uh, to quote you: "you should use the quote feature."

Where is it stated that this steakhouse is going to stop selling steaks? Where is it stated that Star Trek is going to stop making Star Trek projects that truly emulate what Star Trek is about?

This is what I mean about how exaggerations don't really help matters. Before the movie came out we got exaggerations like "throwing canon out the window", now the movie is out and we have exaggerations like "they're going to stop making good Trek projects and just make purely thin action flick versions of it instead", which is not just an exaggeration, but an assumption that has about as much validity as some guy's book about how the world is going to end tomorrow at 8:02 A.M. EST.
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