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Originally Posted by MigueldaRican View Post

The one thing we can look forward to is now they've got this movie out of their system, they have to do something better. Have to. They've seemed to successfully rope in a bigger crowd. Now with a sequel they can rope them into what makes Trek trek. And they really have to. Lost fans and Fringe fans are looking forward to something a little more thought provoking, knowing who is behind the movie. Hell, MI:III and Cloverfield (both Abrams) were better than this movie. Now that they've got a "pew! pew! pew!" action movie, even the mainstream audience is hoping for something more.

To be frank, they cannot hope to be successful if they make a sequel as simple as this movie was. They know what they did wrong. They've heard us, they've been to Q&A's dealing between the screenwriters and the moviegoers. Basically, even from a purely marketing, $$$$, standpoint they have to make a better movie next time.
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