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Originally Posted by MigueldaRican View Post
To be frank, they cannot hope to be successful if they make a sequel as simple as this movie was. They know what they did wrong. They've heard us, they've been to Q&A's dealing between the screenwriters and the moviegoers. Basically, even from a purely marketing, $$$$, standpoint they have to make a better movie next time.
Quite true. These days most of the time 2nd sequels that try to stick with the same formula dont do as well as the first. Or at the very least are knocked more than they would be otherwise. Several come to mind. Once in awhile a sequel outdoes the original, depending on the people making it. Lets hope this one is even better.

By the way, fan reaction has more effect on this franchise than on any other. And it eventually makes its way to the top guys... unlike some others. This is especially true of those that actually speak intelligently about what worked and what didnt. Everything else comes from either lemming fanboys or crybabies.
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