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Originally Posted by MrQ1701 View Post
I was defending the guy that said Trek has sold out (I'm paraphrasing). This thread is about how much cash Star Trek has made. He agrees with me that this movie lacks aspects that made TV Trek such a long lasting television show(s). While I will wait to judge the NEXT movie before I declare Trek a sell out, this movie did a pretty good job of making that case a good one.
I've said in other threads that I think the whole debate depends on what Star Trek means to you as an individual and what you wanted/expected out of it. I got what I wanted because I feel the things that make Star Trek special to me were present in this movie in a way they haven't been in anything Trek related for a very long time.

Originally Posted by Samuel View Post
Hmmm... perhaps the success means people have been wanting a non-cerebral Trek for a long time as a refreshing change of pace. T-bone steaks are wonderful but get old if its the only kind of meat you eat. Sometimes you gotta have a great ol juicy triple-decker bbq cheeseburger with all the trimmings.
Or perhaps because the economy is in the crapper and RL is stressful enough as it is, people just wanted a fun romp that offered some hope for the future? Something feel good. I sure as hell feel good whenever I see it!
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