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Originally Posted by MrQ1701 View Post
What about TV Trek would you say made it great? Even if those aspects were in a minority of episodes?
I think it's basic ideas appeal eternally - the optimism that there is a brighter future ahead if man can kick himself into touch and work together. But that's not what drives every episode or film.

But let's not kid ourselves - The episodes themselves generally are the same mix of genres and plots as many other shows and always were. Just a handful (in terms of the 700+ hours out there) reached beyond that and are held up as examples of Star Trek that everything else must be compared to and rated against.

The vast majority are just straightforward fun entertainment episodes. It doesn't make them bad because 'Obsession' is no 'City on the Edge of Forever', or because 'Starship Mine' is no 'The Inner Light' (which I highlight because they were written by the same person), or 'Take me out to the Holo-suite' is no 'Far Beyond the Stars'. Nor does it make them any less Star Trek IMO.

It just shows Star Trek has a broad range of episodes to choose from, depending on taste.

So, yeah, less-than-cerebral Trek works for me as well as cerebral does. Often more so, but that's just IMO.

I'm not quite as harsh when judging epoisodes. I actually think there are way more good episodes than bad ones. Maybe it's because I'm not a writer or educated enough that I am not as critical. What I don't understand is how you can be harsh with the episodes, yet NOT harsh with this movie. It's almost like your apllying two sets of standards.
Of course I am, because a 22 episode TV season of a 7 year show and a 2 hour movie are vastly different. They can't be evaluated the same way. They have different needs.

This movie delivered what I want from a film. A cinematic blast of fun. Within the context of setting up the characters and putting the basics in place I don't particularly need it to be cerebral or say something deep and meaningful. And I'm enjoying it's success.

None of the films have really done that for me either, probably the closest are TWOK/TSFS.

I think this is why there are two sets of standards, one for TV and one for the big screen. Don't you think that may be why the movies didn't do so well? The fans of the TV series didn't support them because they lacked the TV qualities they cherished so much, and the average movie goer said "Not that 'nerdy' Trek again!"
Quite possibly.
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