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Originally Posted by Samuel View Post
Hmmm... perhaps the success means people have been wanting a non-cerebral Trek for a long time as a refreshing change of pace. T-bone steaks are wonderful but get old if its the only kind of meat you eat. Sometimes you gotta have a great ol juicy triple-decker bbq cheeseburger with all the trimmings.
Imagine a steak house that draws national attention because of it's great T-Bone steaks (to use your example). Surely there are other restaurants around that serve different food, and it's great to visit them every now and then. Now imagine the steakhouse STOPS selling it's most cherished T-Bone because it wants to attract a different audience. Hey, aren't there places that are popular because of the giant steaks? Kind of the same thing.

p.s. Now I want a bbq cheeseburger! Mmmmmm...
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