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Originally Posted by MrQ1701 View Post
Not this debate again! Admit it. This movies story is rather silly when placed under even a small amount of scrutiny. It's pure action with a little character development. The only good thing is the dialog. Sure, it's fun to watch and very exciting, but it doesn't stimulate any thought (other than the WTF!? moments). It's obvious what made Trek great and endure for so long was it's cerebral and sometimes "nerdy" aspects on television. It examined the human condition. This movie didn't do that in the least. It seems none of the movies actually did when I think about it. That makes it clear to me that movie goers in general won't drop serious cash to watch anything other than a "pew, pew, pew!" action space adventure, dumbed down version of Trek.

p.s. What did you like about Trek before this movie? Were those aspects present in this movie? Do you really want Trek to continue if it is a shallow version of it's former self?
I could apply everything you just said to TWOK.

I think you just said a whole lot of nothing.

I'll make a really long thread answering your question maybe later tonight.
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