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Default The Michael Crichton thread

Discuss the books and movies and tv shows and papers and opinions of this great man.

Including the new stuff that will be coming out. That's right, 2 new books will be coming out shortly.

One is a pirate adventure with Crichton's own twist on it of course, called "Pirate Latitudes".

The other is simply listed as "Untitled Techno Thriller". I think it'd be interesting if they just released it without a title. An idea is that the book should first be released untitled, then Crichton fans, after having read the book will come up with a name for the book, and you can vote on it at the official website.

Although, the musician in me, likes the idea of like the "Unfinished Symphony" (other musicians might know what I'm talking about there), and publish the book and leave it as "Untitled Techno Thriller".

There's the possibility that Crichton did manage to title this before passing on, and they want to leave it a mystery before the book comes out. There was also an apparent announcement looking for experienced writers to help finish the book. Any writers here?

Also apparently there's a couple more rumored even after these two books hit.

I was hoping this would happen. A couple more books to be released after he has passed on. Pirate Latitudes sounds great.

So... discuss.
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