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Originally Posted by trekie View Post
Well I will tell you what I Know:

Question 1: No the first Mutan in the Marvel Universe in Subnamor (called the first mutan by marvel)But is should be Apocalypse.
Question 2: No they are not brothers in the comic
Question 3: I have no idea
Question 4: They age very slowly (eventally he dies in the comics)
Question 5:Stryker did not know. In the books the Adimantium process was the one that made him forget who he was
Question 6:Victor has nothing to do with Logan's childhood.
thanks for the info.
in regards to Question 5 - in the movie near the end

Originally Posted by kevin View Post
re Deadpool -

that does not appear in all territories.

in Ireland, during the closing credits we see two different scenes

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