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Originally Posted by JSnyder4 View Post
Best guess?
The turbolift seems keyed to vital areas of the ship for exceptionally rapid response to those areas. So a simple button push of the designated key area is all that is needed.
Spock pushed a button and went from the shuttlebay to the bridge in almost nothing flat; literally. Don't recall how many buttons were on the panel, but I can't imagine more than half a dozen or so.

Interestingly, Chekov has to run from the bridge to a (the?) transporter control room so it appears to be that ship service is not a vital function needing a superduper fast turbolift access point.
Agreed - I think the turbolift network on the ship is not as extensive as maybe previously thought but used to connect areas of the ship that need to be gotten to very quickly.

Though since presummably Spock's turbolift had to go along the secondary hull, up the neck, along the saucer and up into the dome - it did seem to move there extremely fast!
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