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Originally Posted by kevin View Post

Sometimes the pairings that work best are not the ones you might think. TWOF/TSFS/TVH are my favourite's within the overall 6 and I think it's clear that together they worked in a way that helped Star Trek rather than hindered it (which might have been the case had they been working alone).

I'm not sure where Abrams' long term plans are, but with some of the things he, Orci and Kurtzman did in the film (Vulcan) - well, balls don't seem to be in question at this point.

Anyway, while I think they have to modulate some stuff for a sequel and give us a bit more of a meatier story, I want to see them come back for the next film.

I'd like Abrams to direct but if he doesn't - it's his choice.
Definitely want to see more meat and brains in the next movie. They've proven they have balls, so I wouldn't mind if those were trimmed a bit (although I definitely don't mind being shocked again either).

I don't think the new Trek was quite the next Batman Begins, although using that analogy I'd like the next one to by the next Dark Knight... more thoughtful and complex, but also slower. And perhaps (a little) darker (than Trek 2009). Since it will be the second act of a planned trilogy and all.

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