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Originally Posted by Pauln6 View Post
She was hilarious! They really fumbled the ball when it came to using established alien races but her cameo was fun.

If they make more use of the orions in the next plot I'd really like to see her back. Otherwise if I have to go with pheromones, I'd rather see a new version of Ilia - only because Deltans have more going for them in terms of alienness, particularly if you read the novelisation of Star Trek 2 about the Deltan that Khan tortures to death.
and . . . how . . . do you torture a Deltan?

never mind. not sure I wanna know.

And, I think Gaila should be given a major minor spot. y'know, like one of the common recurring characters? not like a McCoy or an Uhura, but like a Rand or a Chapel.

plus, it;d be good to have another named nonhuman officer other than Spock. Actually, she'd be kinda the polar opposite of Spock, ja?
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