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Originally Posted by lonstar70 View Post
It's not like he is some Trek God. Listen to his commentary during 2 and 6. He didn't know jack shiznit about ST and didn't really care. I loved his work on ST2, but frankly think he was a bit heavy handed with ST6, cramming his political ideologies down our throats and patting himslef on the back for being so clever about it. Frankly, I thought ST6 dragged, and had the most anti-climactic cheezy ending of all of them. (Ready for the flamers)

If anybody did anything to reinvigorate Trek, it was Harve Bennett. (Of course, he lost his marbles when he wanted to do the ST:Academy with new actors portraying the old characters....hmmm, sound familiar?)

My point is, I doubt Nick Meyers gives a rat's about this new ST. And just becasue he made an almost perfect film in ST:2, that doesnt give him the right to just jump in some 28 years later full of pizz and vinegar.
was that a subtle allusion to Kirk's famous "I've Cheated Death" speech I detect?
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