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Originally Posted by sir num nums View Post
UP was good.

But Pixar keeps making these movies that are too long.

We screened the 3D version at work this past week, and the animation was great, and the 3D was alright too.

But the problem is that the movie has a couple of points where it just drags on for a few minutes. Pixar has had a problem with this since The Incredibles. A kids movie does not need to be nearly 2 hours long.

A few parts from UP could be taken out, and it would flow very well.

But... I have to say the best character in the movie is Doug... "Hi There!"
I agree that it was too long for a kid's movie. I also thought the overall subject matter was a little too adult for a kid to understand. All the kids in the theater I was in were getting fidgity about half way through and the parents kept telling them to be quiet because they were so caught up in the movie, lol.

Originally Posted by jerhanner View Post
Was the movie as good as The Incredibles? Or Cars? I hope so - Wall-E was good, but not 'fun' enough to watch over and over.
I thought it was better than both Cars and Incredibles myself. But I personally thought those two were on the weaker end of the Pixar movies.
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