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Originally Posted by JSnyder4 View Post
Chapel always was and will be a third tier character at best.
She only gained importance in the series because Roddenberry was sleeping with Majel while cheating on his wife before finally divorcing her after a few years of that. He had already moved on from Nichelle Nichols, but it did get her a placement on the show.

Roddenberry tried to push Majel's studio frowned-upon stardom up a notch by making her more of a focus, and the series suffered for it. But, it was the bosses' biatch so as an actor you played ball.
Lol - I have to leap to Majel's defence! The series suffered from the loss of Rand rather than anything to do with Chapel and she hardly became 'more of a focus' as the show progressed. In fact two of her meatiest roles were in the first half of season one while Rand was still around. Chapel was the lowest of the recurring characters because she was the 'straight man' to McCoy in sick bay and only ever got to do anything when she was mooning over Spock. I think she was forcibly beamed down to a planet once or twice but I don't recall her ever being picked for an away team in spite of her established scientific credentials.

She does have potential as a character (albeit not as much as Rand) but she'll never be more than a bit part if they never let her out of sick bay.
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