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Default questions about Wolverine - comics and movie *SPOILERS*


I saw Wolverine yesterday (the movie not the mutant).
Damn fine movie. I enjoyed it a lot.
I like the first two X-Men movies because they made superhero movies respectable after those Batman films, but I find they lack rewatchability because they concentrate too much on the drama at the expense of action and fun.
But WOLVERINE got the mix right. I would have prefered if more time was taken to tell his "history" rather than just the opening credits and Patrick Stewart's make up/digital makeover was fairly bad - the bald head and voice were sufficient, the close up of the "young" face was unnecessary.

However, I have some questions about WOLVERINE in both the movie and comics:
  1. I thought Logan was the first mutant yet here Creed is his odler brother
  2. are Logan and Creed brother's in the comics
  3. what exactly are Bradley and Agent Zero's powers? what are those abilities called?
  4. have Logan and Creed stopped aging or are they just aging slower than normal humans? are they meant to be in their forties or of indeterminate age?
  5. how did Stryker know the Adimantium bullet would wipe Logan's memory?? it seemed like a moment "shoved in" during re-editing. I thought a better way would be for the audience to think Stryker had killed Logan and then discover he is alive but know has lost his memory
  6. in the comic does Logan run away from his father's murder (Victor in the comic kills the father??) with the housekeeper, they travel first as mother and son, then as lover's until Victor kills her too. or am I wrong

I know a brief google would get me the answers but where is the fun in that???
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