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Originally Posted by jla1987 View Post
Of the ones I've seen (all but Pirahna 2), the only two Cameron films I don't like are True Lies and The Abyss (just too long and boring for me).
Originally Posted by kevin View Post
The theatrical cut is very weak, the 1992 special edition is a vast improvement, but even longer.
Originally Posted by jla1987 View Post
Can't say I've ever seen the theatrical cut. Depends on which one they constantly show on Encore over here in the US. I just lose interest in the movie, and haven't ever been able to sit through the entire thing.
I have seen Abyss many times...waited till it came out on DVD, never saw it in theater. I have found it to be the only movie that my family WILL NOT talk, move, get up, eat, drink, or even remember to breathe, during. It held the attention of a three and a five year old for almost three hours!! and they asked me if they could watch it again, the next day.

And True Lies was just plain fun, I thought...I laughed almost all the way through it!

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