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Originally Posted by Chris Fawkes View Post
I don't believe in global warming myself.
Hmm, Mercury is hotter than Mars because it has greenhouse gases and Mars does not. Anyone from the third grade on should know why Mercury is hotter than Mars.
And how about all the photos from years ago compared to present day photos. No mention of what season those photos were taken in.
Just a scam to con the masses and make dollars. The new y2k.
I guess it's easier to believe something when others do.
I think you mean Venus not Mercury, which has only an extremely thin atmosphere.

I'm not sure if you were being sarky with the greenhouse comment, but you're actually right. Venus is covered in clouds which reflect over 90% of the Suns light and heat away from the planet. So in theory Venus should be an extremely cold world. In fact it should be the coldest planet in the entire solar system.

But, of course, it isn't. It's actually one of the hottest. Even Mercury is colder and it's closer to the Sun!

The global warming theory fits in nicely with the known facts about Venus and explains perfectly its extreme heat (the greenhouse gases trap what heat there is, preventing it escaping into space). If the global warming theory is wrong then current science says it's impossible for Venus to be so hot. I'd love the critics of global warming to come up with an alternate explanation for Venus' heat.

But so far they remain silent...

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