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Originally Posted by JSnyder4 View Post
Nice! Although I vaguely remember rumors about this in development some time ago. Always had a fondness for that book series.

Personally, I don't think there is a lot of "straight" fantasy that is very interesting. Most of it is so very cliche. At least the "popular" fantasy is at any rate (Shannara, Wheel of Time and that ilk). You couldn't even go back to classics like Fafhrd & Gray Mouser now without looking like some rip-off (which is ironic).

Red Sonja is being made with Rose McGowan and Robert Rodriguez so that may be an interesting revitalization.
I agree with what you say about 'straight' fantasy. Fafhrd & the Grey Mouser is another series I haven't thought about in years. There was a good comic book series with those characters that I read back in the eighties. I don't remember whether or not it was comic book versions of the novels.

A Rose McGowan/Robert Rodriguez Red Sonja sounds very promising!
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