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Originally Posted by jerhanner View Post
I loved Gloriana, because it was dark in just the right way, n'est pas? Besides, I get in touch with my dark side via serial killers and World War 2. (Themes which usually have happy endings after all the darkness.)
That stupid sword... I can't even remember why he kept it. Just like a man. Or was he an elf?
In just the right way, n'est pas indeed.

That 'stupid' sword, the awesome and mighty ( and evil and chaotic) Stormbringer is the source of Elric's strength. Without it the albino is so weak that he sometimes can't get out of bed or a chair. He both hates and needs the thing though. Talk about conflict. He needs an evil soul-stealing weapon to survive and rule his kingdom of Melnibone', as is his noble duty and onus. Better him than me.

I used to envision a big screen version of Elric starring David Bowie. He would've been perfect! A bit long in the tooth for the role now though.
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