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Originally Posted by jerhanner View Post
My goodness, every time I read a Moorcock book I wanted to sit in a dark closet and eat sleeping pills. Don't get me wrong, he's a master of the craft. I just like more kittens and rainbows in my books....
Hey Jer, just face the darkness, walk through it, then turn around and say "Hey where'd I put my sleeping pills?" Or whatever it was they said in Dune.
As to kittens and rainbows

I keed! I keed! Actually I'm a cat person. And my favorite novel is Gravity's Rainbow. So there!

And Jer have you ever read his Gloriana: the Unfulfill'd Queen?
Originally Posted by MonsieurHood View Post
Well, Elric was the original, and I do mean ORIGINAL anti-hero. The Elric books are dark and then darker and then black as pitch. You could smoke a pipe with Gandalf or Frodo, Tear a piece of meat off the bone and take a swig of Nemedian wine with Conan, even have a good time hanging out in Ankh-Morpork, but you wouldn't want to be anywhere near Elric, not even if you were his best friend or most loyal companion. You'd always end up having your soul sucked out by that dastardly black pig-sticker.
That was one awesome effin pig-sticker, Stormbringer is.
'A screaming comes across the sky. It has happened before, but there is nothing to compare it to now.'

Thomas Pynchon
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