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Originally Posted by jerhanner View Post
My goodness, every time I read a Moorcock book I wanted to sit in a dark closet and eat sleeping pills. Don't get me wrong, he's a master of the craft. I just like more kittens and rainbows in my books....

I'd like to see the Prydain series by Lloyd Alexander put on film. 5 books, not too many special effects; why hasn't anyone? I figured if they did Narnia they'd do Prydain...
Well, Elric was the original, and I do mean ORIGINAL anti-hero. The Elric books are dark and then darker and then black as pitch. You could smoke a pipe with Gandalf or Frodo, Tear a piece of meat off the bone and take a swig of Nemedian wine with Conan, even have a good time hanging out in Ankh-Morpork, but you wouldn't want to be anywhere near Elric, not even if you were his best friend or most loyal companion. You'd always end up having your soul sucked out by that dastardly black pig-sticker.

P.S.: Disney tried to do the Lloyd Alexander stuff and messed it up BAD! I woulnd't want to see the Taran of Caer Dallben stuff unless it was given a proper budget and people to play those parts that could actually act. Eilonwy is a terribly important, crucial, pivotal character and she has to be endearing, confusing and caring all at the same time. You don't dare let half hearted actors play those parts like milksops, they'd have to do it like it was real. God how I loved those Lloyd Alexander books! I cried at the end of "The High King". And I'm not even a sensitive person.
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