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Originally Posted by Enterprisingguy View Post
I would say that the Voyager series ending was my second favorite.
I am really sorry, but I think that finale was sth. like a joke...
The start was promising, they didn´t get earlier to earth, they were all old, some died. I thought that was the only logical thing that could have happened.
But no, Janeway had to purchase some Timemachine from some Klingon and travel through time god, didn´t they have any other ideas.
An child would have answered me that, if I had asked it "What do you think how the VOY should reach home?"

I am really sorry, but I think the TNG finale was the best, because it let the space for sth. to come (and if it would have been just in our heads), with DS9, which was a great and very emotional ending, that was different; everything was being "closed", there was no space for anything to come, and I thought that was a shame.
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