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Originally Posted by Jed Starkiller View Post
They should do a running joke where they never give his name. The whole "Lt. *Crash Sound* Intruder Alert!"
I had a variation on that idea, only taking it a step further (to the point where you probably couln't use it for Cupcake):

Have a redshirt who gets assigned to a landing party, and actually make a point of telegraphing the fact that nobody can seem to remember his name.

"I'm sorry, what was you name again?" They'll ask. He'll answer, but overlapping dialogue will always cut him off. Audience knows he's toast. He seems to know it also. A redshirt, on a landing party, and we've already failed on three occasions to hear his name. This can't possibly end well.

So sure enough, he bites it. But in a way that we assume it rather than actually see it.

When he makes his grand reappearance, maybe he throws down the body of the person we thought had taken him out. And finally gets to be heard saying "I told you, my name is... [Fred? Let's go with Fred]." Mutual nods of agreement/approval all around. His name is Fred? OK. Can't argue with that. Redshirt Fred now has a name, and has symbolicly earned the right to NOT be an expendable nameless redshirt.

Again, wouldn't work for our dear Cupcake. Too many gags for an already-established character. Also need to be careful to not cross the line into fourth-wall-breaking self-parody.

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