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Originally Posted by TGElder View Post
It's been more than 32 years since an oil company has built a refinery in the US. Why? It costs too much. Last year alone the oil industry spent 4.8 billion dollars just refitting their refineries to keep up with the newest levels of EPA regulations. And people wonder why gasoline is $3 and $4 a gallon.
Wait, what?! Gasoline got so expensive because of regulations that protect drinking water for the population from pollution? Lets get rid of those silly regulations, I say! Government should'nt regulate the profits of the shareholders to death. Let those landless peasents who buy the gasoline drink polluted water, who cares. Yeeeeeehaaawww!!!!

You know why they take so much money for gasoline from you? Because they can. And as long as you cant buy cars using an alternative fuel, because there are no such cars on the market, for so long they will go on demand those prices from you. Yeeeeeehaaawww!!!!

So you want to take away the regulations? Have at it Hoss! But dont come and complain when you realize that this did not make the gasoline prizes drop one cent, whilst your children get eczemas from the drinking water out of a sudden.

PS: Paragraphs make it easier to read your posts. Try it! It works.

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